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  • November 25, 2023

Taylor Lorenz is a columnist at the Washington put up masking generation and on-line lifestyle. before joining the post, she became a technology reporter for the New York instances’ commercial enterprise phase. She changed into additionally previously a technology reporter on the Atlantic and the day-by-day Beast. She became a 2019 Knight touring Nieman Fellow at Harvard college, wherein her studies targeted on Instagram and information intake. She is likewise a former associate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein center for net and Society. Lorenz additionally serves at the board of the Alliance for era, getting to know and Society (ATLAS) Institute on the university of Colorado at Boulder.

Taylor Lorenz, the Washington public’s net way of life beat reporter, is being accused of “doxing” the anonymous woman who operates the famous Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.”

Lorenz, the former the big apple instances journalist who in advance this month broke down in tears on MSNBC whilst recounting “harassment” she has skilled online, published an article on Tuesday revealing the identification of the social media person.

“Doxing” is the time period used to describe the act of posting the personal statistics of those who wish to stay nameless.

Critics accused Lorenz of hypocrisy after it become claimed that she showed up at the home of the female’s loved ones to invite questions.

The “Libs of TikTok” account, which posts TikTok videos from liberals and has generated more than 662,500 fans, posted a picture of Lorenz outdoor the home of one among her family.

“Which of my family did you enjoy harassing the maximum at their homes the day past?” study the caption attached to the image of a girl who bears Lorenz’s likeness.

Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer Prize-triumphing journalist, slammed Lorenz, tweeting: “The same folks that – simply 2 weeks in the past – had been insisting that criticizing Taylor Lorenz is wrong because it generates ‘harassment’ in the direction of her are now cheering as she indicates up on the houses of the spouse and children of Twitter customers to dox them.”

Ben Shapiro, the conservative commentator and each day twine co-founder, tweeted: “Taylor Lorenz is a terrible journalist and worse human.”

Shapiro delivered: “focused on a Twitter account that literally just posts Leftists owning themselves because that account damages the Left is natural Lorenz.”

Lorenz defended her selection to expose the female’s identity, tweeting: “newshounds make telephone calls, send messages, display up places, and knock-on doors whilst reporting out a story.”

Lorenz delivered: “I said this story out notably, the use of each tool I had, to make certain I had the precise girl.”

In reaction to criticism that she centered a non-public citizen who wished to stay anonymous, Lorenz tweeted that the social media consumer “isn’t just a few average females with a social media account” however is alternatively a “powerful influencer working a vastly impactful right wing media shaping discourse round LGBTQ+ rights.”

In a section that aired April 1 on MSNBC’s Meet the click each day, Lorenz discovered that on-line harassment concentrated on her and her own family brought on her to experience “extreme PTSD” and contemplate suicide in the recent past.

MSNBC’s section special how Fox information host Tucker Carlson ripped Lorenz in March 2021 for calling for a cease to online harassment.

at the time, Lorenz, then a reporter for the New York times, said she had persisted a “smear marketing campaign” that had “destroyed her existence.”

The dustup kicked off in February 2021, when journalist Glenn Greenwald referred to as her a “journalistic tattletale” after she incorrectly accused Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen of the use of the “R-word” — that means “retard” — during a private discussion on the contributors-most effective Clubhouse app.

Researchers at New York college determined tweets with dangerous language directed at Lorenz spiked 144% after Greenwald posted the tweet.

NY instances Defends Reporter Taylor Lorenz from Tucker Carlson’s ‘merciless’ assault.

The big apple times is defending reporter Taylor Lorenz after Fox information anchor Tucker Carlson mocked her at some stage in a lengthy section in a Tuesday night time broadcast.

Carlson said Lorenz, a tech and net culture reporter, changed into “on the pinnacle of journalism’s repulsive little food chain” and that she is “a ways more youthful” and “a great deal less gifted” than different distinguished the big apple instances newshounds in a phase discussing “effective human beings claiming to be powerless.”

“You’d assume Taylor Lorenz would be thankful for the terrific correct good fortune that she’s had. but no, she’s now not,” Carlson said. He then studies a tweet from Lorenz, posted on worldwide women’s Day, saying how online harassment and smear campaigns have destroyed her lifestyles.


the Washington post is powering up its coverage of the online global by way of hiring Taylor Lorenz, the New York instances tech reporter whose tales on influencer subculture and social media developments helped usher the grey girl into the twenty first century. “I suppose that humans do now not understand my beat. They don’t take it critically,” Lorenz said in an interview with conceitedness honest, reflecting on the insurance area that’s made her, at least to a sure technology, the should-study staffer at the times.

The reporter, who will join the submit as a columnist on the functions body of workers, said that during her position on the times, she felt like she needed to “show to human beings” through her reporting that testimonies approximately the creator financial system and emerging systems had been well worth covering. “There’s no longer room for the observation factor,” she said of her contemporary gig. however, on the put up, she hopes to take her beat and “blow it up bigger.”

Lorenz speaks especially of the post’s embody of social platforms, calling it “the first brand I ever actually saw on TikTok” and noting it become “doing Reddit AMAs earlier than every person else in media.” This willingness to test with new formats makes the outlet mainly attractive given Lorenz’s hobby in “constructing out this universe of my content and the exceptional products I deliver to a person,” whether that’s via podcasts or streaming. “I assume that other legacy information companies may percentage an exclusive view where it’s always about provider of the bigger logo and of direction I’m on board with that,” she stated, noting, “I’m now not trying to be a YouTuber here.” however, she introduced, “I think there’s a stability, and I simply felt like I kind of hit a ceiling” on the instances. “Like, okay, that is first rate, however what am I able to do to truly make bigger?”

This isn’t the first time Lorenz has been poached, having come to the times in 2019 from The Atlantic, wherein she changed into a generation and way of life author; the instances to start with employed her to be a reporter at the patterns desk, however Lorenz has increasingly ventured outdoor the section. Lorenz’s big following on social media has helped her construct her emblem along—and impartial of—the instances: She has greater than 500,000 TikTok fans and a faithful Twitter fanbase with whom she actively communicates.

Her public profile has made her one of the paper’s maximum visible journalists, however—as with other especially on-line writers grappling with slower-moving publishers—her consistent engagement and low social media pitfalls were an alleged supply of frustration for management. Lorenz insists any internal drama “wasn’t a factor” in her decision to go away. “I suppose the times is an excellent organization however mainstream media groups have kind of struggled to determine out how they deal with expertise,” said Lorenz. “I assume I use the net as a current net person,” she brought. “These are tensions that are going to play out in any legacy newsroom in distinct methods.” The instances will “with a bit of luck, you realize, evolve in their ways.”

Lorenz leaves a newsroom fraught with internal tension—from union clashes to outrage over management’s dealing with of numerous controversies—but the put up isn’t always without its very own troubles, and has been criticized by using a few contemporary and former staffers for not doing sufficient to nurture people of color and ladies of all races. (Reporter Felicia Sonmez, for one, is suing the publish and its pinnacle editors for allegedly discriminating against her after she publicly said she have been the sufferer of sexual attack; the paper said in its motion to push aside Sonmez’s lawsuit that her claims had been “not anything extra” than a marketing campaign in opposition to the public’s “journalistic and editorial rules”).

All of which raises the question of the way, if in any respect, the submits very own newsroom traces—together with excessive-profile disputes over social media policy—factored into Lorenz’s decision to leap deliver. when asked approximately how Lorenz, who has spoken publicly about the online harassment and abuse she has faced, weighed those troubles, she presented an extra general evaluation that “the complete media landscape is gaining knowledge of these lessons and learning them very publicly,” and that she can’t speak to what the submit turned into like underneath preceding management but that govt editor “Sally [Buzbee] honestly seems to get it.” If the put up advised her she couldn’t have a TikTok or was involved about her meme page, she notes, this hire wouldn’t be happening. “I’m the maximum on-line reporter that you can discover.”

The New York times rose to defend journalist Taylor Lorenz towards “calculated and cruel” assaults by way of the Fox news host Tucker Carlson. The tech reporter for the times changed into criticized on Carlson’s display for her on line harassment awareness tweet just after international women’s Day.

Lorenz’s tweet study: “For global ladies’ day please recollect supporting ladies enduring on line harassment. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the harassment and smear marketing campaign I’ve had to bear over the past yr. has destroyed my existence. no person ought to must undergo this.”

Carlson called Lorenz, an internet lifestyle reporter who formerly worked on the Hill, “privileged” and brushed off her reports as “now not real harassment”.

In reaction to the second night of Carlson’s public attacks, the instances released this declaration on Wednesday:

“In a now familiar flow, Tucker Carlson opened his display final night via attacking a journalist. It was a calculated and merciless tactic, which he often deploys to unharness a wave of harassment and vitriol at his meant goal.

“Taylor Lorenz is a skilled the big apple times journalist doing well timed and crucial reporting. reporters must be capable of do their jobs without going through harassment.”

Carlson fired lower back that night on his show, saying: “journalists make their residing trying to smash your life however if you say an unmarried phrase approximately it, you’re a criminal, a moral monster.”

Fox information additionally launched an assertion protecting Carlson. “No public discern or journalist is resistant to valid complaint in their reporting, claims or journalistic strategies,” it said.

Lorenz has tweeted about abuse she faced on Twitter inside the past, and said that whilst she has shared this information earlier than, the volume of the harm is going past “mean remarks”.

Carlson’s statements have already begun to do damage. online harassment towards Lorenz increased in a single day on Twitter, with some human beings even emailing her demise threats. The conservative political commentator Kurt Schlichter joined in, tweeting “Taylor Lorenz” repeatedly.

“People being like ‘they’re making you famous.’ It’s not fame. They need their armies of followers to memorize your name and harass you anyplace you move,” Lorenz wrote in response. “It’s the same motive Tucker repeats my call over and over on his display. They’re drilling it into their fans’ heads.”

while sharing a screenshot of Lorenz’s tweet on Carlson’s display, the blobfish profile icon related to her account turned into edited out for an outdated, “extra appealing” photograph of Lorenz, which Lorenz identified as a tactic to rally the troops in opposition to her.

“I’m now not saying my face doesn’t exist at the internet,” Lorenz said in a thread. “I’m announcing I don’t have it on Twitter intentionally for when ppl takes screengrabs. I assume it’s very weird of Tucker to *photoshop my avatar* to encompass my face. Stuff like this takes effort and is intentional.”

This form of conduct towards girls’ newshounds isn’t uncommon, according to Karen Ho, reporter for Quartz Media. She tweeted: “I must not be amazed to see a distinguished male journalist brush aside the seriousness of harassment, rape and dying threats in opposition to a successful woman reporter for her stellar paintings, no matter her top notch agency, but sexism is still a prime hassle in 2021, even after IWD.”

right here is Taylor Joseph Lorenz’s obituary. Please take delivery of Echo Vita’s sincere condolences.

With heavy hearts, we announce the dying of Taylor Joseph Lorenz (Saint Joseph, Missouri), who passed away on January 22, 2020 at the age of 26. circle of relatives and friends are welcome to leave their condolences on this memorial web page and percentage them with the own family.

He became predeceased by using: his grandfather Gerald J. Lorenz; and his uncle Stuart Wyeth. he is survived with the aid of: his dad and mom, Stephen D. Lorenz and Lora Lorenz (Swafford); his siblings, Brandon Lorenz (Katherine) and Anna Lee Lorenz of Nashville, TN; his niece Mara Collins; his goddaughter Mary Catherine; and his grandparents, Regina Lorenz, Thomas J. Swafford II and Dina Swafford. He is also survived via numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Bishop LeBlond high faculty or Voices of braveness.