Tim Feerick • Dance Gavin Dance has passed away & controversy

  • November 25, 2023

Dance Gavin Dance have introduced that their bassist Tim Feerick has passes away. The band have launched a short announcement, which you can read in complete under:

“we’re actually devastated to share the information that our friend and bass player, Tim Feerick, handed away remaining night time.

We ask which you recognize our privateness and that of Tim’s family at the same time as we address this heartbreaking and untimely loss.

we can share in addition updates on Swan fest and our upcoming visiting schedule as quickly as we’ve got them.”

Tim to start with joined the band returned in 2009 as a traveling member before leaving once more in 2010. He then rejoined in 2012 and performed on every of the band’s records seeing that, the most current being 2020’s ‘Afterburner’. He also carried out at the band’s latest unmarried ‘Synergy’.

Our thoughts are with Tim’s family, friends and bandmates.

Dance Gavin Dance actions past any other bout of offstage controversy and releases epic new album

considering the whole lot Dance Gavin Dance has been thru (or has placed itself through, depending upon the way you study it), Downtown warfare Mountain II is a becoming title for the band’s modern-day album. released March 8, 2011 it sees the band choose up wherein it left off after its arguably maximum successful effort, 2007’s Downtown struggle Mountain.

5 of the band’s authentic members–guitarist Will Swan and drummer Matt Mingus welcomed returned bassist Eric resort and powerhouse vocal duo Jon Mess and Jonny Craig in 2010–reunited to enter the studio overdue remaining 12 months. in spite of their years apart, DGD’s positioned forth in addition fantastic results as they had in the beyond, in more approaches than one.

“Writing commenced within the fall of remaining year-round September,” says vocalist Jon Mess from San Antonio, Texas, an afternoon prior to the band’s scheduled performances on the 2011 South by way of Southwest song competition. “Previous to that, Will had already commenced writing new songs. All of November and December was the recording. Tracked drums, bass and guitar via all of November and a number of December, and most of December turned into vocals. I was there for almost a month recording, so become Jonny.”

it is able to sound like matters got here together as a substitute fast. Mess didn’t rejoin the band until summer season 2010. His arrival was speedy observed by means of a tour and soon after the recording method for Downtown conflict Mountain II began. however, for Mess, it regarded much extra laid-returned in comparison to whilst the band hit the studio for Downtown warfare Mountain, which became recorded in only two weeks.

“In this one [the sequel], we had months,” Mess explains. “Final time we were on this shitty inn, and it became freezing cold. I assume I was a little sick then, too. This time we have been in this house, and we had all this time. It became plenty extra comfortable and there wasn’t as a great deal time pressure–at the least for me. Jonny got here off an excursion with Emarosa, so he came in a bit later, however it became manner more secure than previous reviews.”

existence in DGD submit-recording has been something however laid-returned. Controversy sprang up once more surrounding Craig’s substance abuse. This time round, he allegedly defrauded his fans by using imparting to sell his Mac e-book to his Twitter followers. whilst assessments were dispatched, and no laptops had been acquired, the band become over again pressured to play damage control.

Craig become dispatched right into a seven-day detox program, which he just lately emerged from. Mess spoke with Submerge approximately DGD’s seemingly perpetual kingdom of turmoil and Downtown battle Mountain II, which, no matter the all the backstage hullabaloo, is possibly the brightest post-hardcore gem the band has produced to this point.

I caught your current gas tv performance. How did that move for you?

I used to be sick whilst we did it, so I wasn’t too glad with it. It became in la. It became right before our first display. That changed into thrilling. We had a studio target market there cheering and stuff. It turned into fun, I bet. I tried to have a laugh despite the fact that I used to be ill.

turned into that a distinct experience for you guys?

Yeah. I’d in no way accomplished that before. That become awkward. We needed to do the songs multiple times and that they came in with exceptional angles. Afterwards they have been capturing a comedy special with a gaggle of people from VH1’s quality Week Ever–the ones different panelist suggests in which they’ve specific comedians talking approximately stuff.

a group of those humans were there doing some little skits, and they requested DGD to be the backing band and play a little jazz riff. I don’t realize in which humans can see that. It might be on gasoline. We’ll likely announce that when we discover.

You simply came up with something off the cuff?

Yeah, they desired us to play a few forms of jazz, strolling bass line–little glide element that the comedians ought to do their little skit over. The men got here up with something quite short, and it ended up sounding quite cool.

On the new album, did you and Jonny collaborate on lyrics or did you in the main write one after the other?

We talked about a few themes; however, it became frequently separate. a very small percent of the lyrics passes together. It was more of a scattered component. That’s been our fashion when you consider that the beginning.

What sort of themes did you talk? What had been you individually looking to express on this document?

I really like to jot down about all forms of different things–snippets, fragments of ideas or goals I have, diverse little tales. I kind of destroy them apart and put them together in exclusive songs. One line might relate to another tune later, so it’s not a cohesive body of fabric consistent with music, extra fragments of things that range from talking about food to being mad approximately something. large topics–not anything actual particular. I don’t need to pigeonhole into having any barriers on what I want to jot down about it.

You and Jonny have greatly unique vocal patterns, is that also the case lyrically, and is it hard to get them to mesh from song to song? Is that something you work on intently collectively?

I suppose as long as the shipping is ideal, and you’re hitting the right notes and it’s flowing nicely, then the lyrical content material doesn’t need to mesh in that type of feel. First, we go for the musicality–something that’s melodic or rhythmic or exciting in terms of phraseology and rhyming in preference to we want to have those lyrics move collectively or we need an idea. That comes 2nd.

There virtually appears to be numerous hip-hop impacts for your delivery this time around. you’ve got this growling sort of rap cadence occurring in a lot of the songs. Is that something you’ve been running on a lot in this file?

Yeah, that’s definitely meant. I really like all my elements to rhyme, and after I write them, I consider them as sort of a rap, like if you may rap that element, it would nevertheless suit. I’m now not into so much the long, drawn-out, heavy screams over the whole element. I’m greater interested in seeking to make it no longer always as complex as feasible, but as unique and thrilling that I’m able to think about. It does come across it sounding like a rap as it pretty a whole lot is. It’s just a screamed voice rapping.

The report has gotten a few excellent responses to date. Are you glad with the critiques or do you now not bother analyzing the ones?

Yeah, I read the evaluations. the only aspect with a few evaluations is that folks that write opinions are English majors, or they’re into writing and they’re not musicians themselves, so they occasionally clutter up the evaluate with colorful verbiage or whatnot as an alternative of truly giving content material or criticizing or speak me approximately one-of-a-kind components of the album. For the most part, it’s been good evaluations, and that I’ve appreciated what the human beings have stated.

each overview has something that I’ll read and I gainers recognize how they perceive that approximately the album, however to each his own. I did watch this YouTube video of a person who hated the album, and his reasoning in the back of it, it turned into so humorous as it turned into the antithesis of what Dance Gavin Dance is. The motives he disliked everything turned into due to the fact, well, you sincerely just don’t like what our band is set, no longer the album itself.

Jonny simply were given out of detox. How is the entirety going with that?

It’s going truly properly, without a doubt, and I’m announcing this as a person who’s now not necessarily high quality approximately the situation. He’s being truly honest and real approximately it for as soon as. It’s sincerely a little unexpected to me. We’ll see the way it continues going. up to now so good.

South with the aid of Southwest is largely a large celebration. Is that something you’re worried about as a long way as Jonny is concerned?

He’s doing Narcotics nameless. He’ll drink. He’s no longer getting wasted or something, but if human beings are anticipating him to no longer drink, I don’t assume that’s what he’s doing currently. I’m assuming after this tour he could move into a real 30-day application, which might be pleasant, as opposed to only a seven-day detox, due to the fact that’s now not going to do it, glaringly.

Yeah, Austin’s going to be a large celebration, but we’ve got our manager, label man, all of the people who are searching out for him are going to be there. I’m not announcing we’re going to babysit him like a bit youngster, but at the same time we sort of are.

I examine the interview you did with opportunity Press, and also you later apologized in your old singer Kurt Travis and Jonny on Twitter for a number of the comments you made. Given what you said which you’re not constantly the maximum fantastic approximately the scenario, become it hard as a way to rejoin the band and get lower back into that frame of mind?

first off, that interview turned into a telephone interview, and he relayed what I stated in a sort of manner that wasn’t always what I used to be saying. He requested me why Kurt got kicked out, and there was no actual motive. I listed a group of reasons and he [the interviewer] picked the one about cigarettes…

I said as a way to and Matt stated that, after which Will and Matt were like, “That’s now not always what we stated. You spoke for us.” And I was like, “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to speak for you.” Me and Kurt are proper buddies, so I felt like pronouncing, “what’s up man, it came across incorrectly.” It made it appear like I was divulging a story that wasn’t my business.

with regard to coming again, I was skeptical. considering that I left the band, I reconnected with Jonny. We have been skeptical of the way the album could cross down. We had been simply wondering, optimistically we’ll get the album recorded and spot what takes place from there.

It wasn’t sincerely a high-threat scenario for me, because I could simply do the file and if something went wrong, I ought to just cross again to what I used to be doing earlier than. There weren’t truly loads to lose.

You referred to the interviewer misconstrued what you stated. Do you believe you studied that takes place a lot concerning this band?

I suppose to an extent, yeah, and that I suppose there are things that I said that I won’t exactly sense, however I simply stated them at the time. I assume that happens to everyone. It’s half of and half of. a few matters get misconstrued, however that happens.

on occasion we experience constructive approximately the scenario, on occasion we sense pessimistic. If we were interviewed at some point, there is probably one-of-a-kind responses. I’m now not pronouncing we’re bipolar or something, simply ordinary modifications of emotions that human beings have.

Dance Gavin Dance are currently out on excursion with Polyopia, Veil of Maya, Eidola, and Wolf & undergo. at the beginning scheduled for spring 2020 and considering that rescheduled at least twice (maybe more, I lost depend) and having gone through several lineup adjustments (inclusive of Animals as Leaders losing off), the run, which kicked off on September 7, ought to come as a momentous and effective go back to live music. alternatively, it’s been marred by way of a trouble with drummer Matt Mingus, who has now left the band mid-excursion.

The trouble started out at the Detroit display on Saturday night, September 25. We’re no longer sure of any issues which could have been main as much as that night time — what befell in all likelihood wasn’t in a vacuum — but Mingus’s issues spilled into the public spotlight that evening whilst he audibly struggled on degree to preserve up with the band.

One Reddit consumer at the show described the band’s music “Son of robot” as “an absolute mess,” while some other said that front man Tilian Pearson “commenced throwing water bottles and slamming his mic stand” in frustration.

in some unspecified time in the future Pearson decided he’d had sufficient, telling the crowd, “This is un-fucking-plausible men, our drummer can’t play,” (embed beneath) after which he ejected Mingus from the stage. Following a short destroy, the band’s drum tech, Dakota Sammons, took Mingus’s spot and completed the display.

rapidly after the show ended, within the early hours of September 26, the band issued a declaration saying without a doubt that Mingus become “not able to carry out” due to reasons unrelated to Covid and thanking Sammons for stepping in.

the next day, they issued a more special announcement indicating that Mingus might be checking in to an in-affected person facility to deal with substance abuse troubles, wishing him properly, giving him their complete guide, and indicating he’d re-join the band when he’s prepared.

The band’s first statement

“Shortly after our set started in Detroit, it has become apparent that Matt turned into unable to properly carry out the show the way we meant for our target market. together, on degree, the rest of the band determined it would be high-quality to have his drum tech fill in at once in place of shutting down the show.

“This turned into a choice made inside the hobby of the lovers so that they could enjoy the show and we’re thankful that Dakota (drum tech) changed into capable of do a terrific process.

“Matt is ok, and this isn’t always COVID associated

“All indicates are continuing forward and we will have an extra designated statement quickly.”

The observe-up announcement reads:

“Following the activities that passed off at our Detroit show on Saturday, we desired to percentage some in addition data with our fanatics. Matt is unfortunately struggling with substance use troubles. Matt, at the side of the band and our group, has decided that the fine route of action is for him to right now visit an in-patient rehabilitation facility to allow him to get better.

Matt is and has usually been a fundamental part of Dance Gavin Dance. he’s our brother and his health and well-being will constantly be our first priority.

“Our drum tech, Dakota Sammons, will fill in, with Matt ‘s blessing, for the rest of this excursion. we can’t wait to have Matt back, fit and healthful, on the road with us as soon as he’s made a complete restoration.

“As anybody is aware of, the pandemic has been fantastically difficult on everybody, but in particular musicians and traveling crews. Being again on the street and attending to proportion our tune with our superb lovers another time after any such long length of emotional and economic uncertainty, has been such a present.

such a lot of fans have reached out to inform us about the catharsis those Afterburner shoes have provided, following the notably trying 18 months we’ve all simply persevered.

“All of us want this. Dance Gavin Dance are no strangers to adversity, however our outstanding and particular connection we proportion with our fans means that we constantly be triumphant. this could be no different.

We respect your love and support a lot and we recognize you’ll be part of us in sending Matt lots love and needs for a fast recuperation.